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Quicksilver Scientific Overview

Quicksilver Scientific looks to build wellness and energy, all in what the company calls, "a bright state of being." The company believes that toxins disrupt the body’s natural functioning. They believe that their solution to restoring a balanced system includes:

• Testing to identify toxicity levels
• Detoxifying your body
• Premium supplements

Quicksilver Scientific’s philosophy stems from the company’s desire to provide customers with all the tools necessary to have a healthy body and mind. They believe that innovation through modern science is the best path to healing. The mission is to “deliver on the promise of natural medicine.” What this means is that they combine science and natural products to rid customers of toxins and attain a state of wellness.

All of Quicksilver Scientific’s products are created at their facility in Lafayette, Colorado. All Quicksilver Scientific products are manufactured to meet GMP regulations. This helps to control the manufacturing process and ensure that there is consistency with each batch produced. The company boast 100% transparency, and even send batches out to an objective third party for independent testing.

What this all means for Quicksilver Scientific’s customers, is that they get a product that has been heavily tested for quality. One of the biggest issues with CBD products is the levels of absorption relative to the overall cost. For many products, a large percentage of what is ingested is not absorbed into the bloodstream. Quicksilver Scientific’s formula skips the digestive system to get more active diols directly into the bloodstream. For Quicksilver’s customers, this means that they get more value out of the products they purchase.

20% Off Quicksilver Scientific Hemp Coupon Code

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Coupon Code: QUICK20

What Sets Quicksilver Apart from the Competition?

Higher absorption compared to other CBD products

Pharmaceutical Grade Testing

Nanoemulsion for faster absorption into the system

Premium quality hemp and cbd oil

Scientific based product research and development

Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract

The Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract is a THC-free natural hemp oil. The Broad Spectrum product is enhanced with beta-carophyllene which is a strong dietary cannabinoid. The product is also full of terpenes for total body health.

Quicksilver’s Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract helps to support a balanced immune system, balance individual mood, and overall brain function. The product helps with the overall comfort levels of the users. CBD is known for these properties, and the Broad Spectrum has antioxidant properties that support a healthy mind and body.

Your brain demands a lot from you on a daily basis. The phytocannabinoids in Broad Spectrum help to balance your brain activity and relax your body. Another benefit is the ability to fall asleep faster and improve the overall quality of your sleep.

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Full Spectrum Hemp Extract

Just like the Broad Spectrum, the Full Spectrum Hemp Extract helps to relax your body and mind. You get the same calming properties but with a small amount of THC (>0.3%). Full spectrum CBD contains all the naturally occurring compounds of the plant. The THC in the Full Spectrum Hemp Extract helps boost the effectiveness of the product. In studies, patients reported higher levels of relief. The efficacy of the product is enhanced with higher doses of the Full Spectrum CBD versus products without any THC.

There is still no “high” associated with the Full Spectrum product. What you get is a boost in the therapeutic benefits while still remaining compliant with the government’s Farm Bill levels. For people who need that extra boost to their pain relief, brain function, sleeping patterns, and antioxidant defenses, the Full Spectrum is a great choice.

Save 20% with Coupon Code QUICK20


Unlike other CBD products, Quicksilver Scientific uses a nonoemulsion technology to aid in the absorption of their products. The technology uses phospholipids which help to cross the blood-brain barrier and enhance the overall circulation of the products.

What this means is that this process starts the absorption process as soon as it hits the mouth, avoiding the digestive process in the intestines.

What you get is absorption levels that are 5 times higher than traditional liquids or gel capsules.

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If you are new to the CBD world, then the Broad Spectrum product would be a good place to begin. You can get a feel for the benefits that CBD has to offer and increase your dosage as needed.

For those of you who know that you need a product with a little boost, then the Full Spectrum product would be just what you need. The company recommends a 2ml serving which equates to 4 pumps of the spray. As with all products, you need to follow the instructions carefully.

Both the Broad Spectrum and Full Spectrum products come in both 30 ml and 50 ml bottles, with 16mg of CBD per 2ml serving.

Quicksilver Scientific Highlights

                • - Organically farmed hemp; Organically sourced CBD

              • - Nanoemulson for faster absorption into the system

              • - Researched and tested by medical professionals and independent third parties

              • - Helps regulate the endocannabinoid system

              • - Affordable and high quality

              • - Extremely fast acting

              • - CO2 extraction method

20% Off Quicksilver Scientific Hemp Oil Coupon Code

Shop at ProHealth CBD Store and Save!

Coupon Code: QUICK20

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