Elixinol CBD and Hemp Oil

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Premium quality full-spectrum hemp extract and CBD products

Elixinol Hemp and CBD Oil

Elixinol’s founder has been involved in the hemp industry since 1993. He founded Hemp Foods Australia and has published six books and mini-guides about the hemp industry. Elixinol has a customer first approach and their 7 Pillars of Success business model.

The company’s vision is to educate and inspire others to live healthy lives. They feel this can be achieved through products derived from natural sources. Elixinol educates individuals and supports organizations that share their lifestyle goals.

Elixinol is committed to producing high-quality products and chooses team members who share in this philosophy. Their hemp is grown and processed in Colorado. They extract their oils at their own manufacturing facility. This allows them to be able to conduct quality control testing from seed to extraction to processing.

They have an extensive research and development department which allows them to ensure consistent product quality for all Elixinol’s products. Elixinol has strong partnerships with companies whose vision aligns with their own.

Their customer service is well respected and they like to treat their customers like extended members of their family. They donate a portion of all sales to a variety of charities and causes that align with Elixinol’s company philosophy.

The company only chooses the best hemp seeds and has traveled extensively throughout the world to source the highest quality hemp products. They use both in-house and third-party labs to ensure that their products meet all requirements.

20% Off Elixinol Coupon Code

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Coupon Code: ELIXINOL20

Why Choose Elixinol CBD Oil?

U.S. Hemp Authority Certified

US Hemp Authority Certified

US and Internationally sourced organic hemp

Pharmaceutical Grade Testing

Pharmaceutical Grade Testing

Certificates of analysis for all products

Premium quality hemp and cbd oil

Highest Quality Organic Hemp

Chemical-free CO2 extraction process

Elixinol Hemp Oil Liposomes

Full Spectrum Tincture
Organic hemp CO2 extract tincture

Available in 300mg and 1000mg CBD bottles

Miron Violet Glass Bottles
Allows in helpful violet wavelengths and blocks others

Elixinol’s Hemp Oil Liposomes are designed to get the product into your system as quickly as possible. Liposomes help to carry the oil into the blood stream quickly, so users can get the relief they need in a timely manner. The product can be mixed with water or taken sublingually.

Elixinol uses “Nano-dispersion technology” to increase the effectiveness of their product. It allows users to absorb more cannabinoids using the phospholipids that occur naturally in your body. The efficacy of phospholipids to aide in delivery have been well documented for years.

The reason why liposomes are so useful to hemp based oils is that the oil tends to be fairly dense. The liposomes help to move the oil through the body and get to the cells where the product is needed most.

Save 20% with Coupon Code ELIXINOL20

The best CBD oil for sale
Elixinol Hemp Extract

Elixinol CBD Cinnamint Tincture

Full-spectrum Cannabinoid extract
Sourced from organic hemp

Available in 300mg and 3600mg CBD bottles

All natural
No harsh solvents or toxic chemicals used

Elixinol CBD Tinctures contain full-spectrum cannabinoids to ensure the maximum benefit possible from the product. Full spectrum CBD products have all the naturally occurring compounds of the hemp plant.

This includes terpenes, essential oils, and other cannabinoids. Known as the entourage effect, the full spectrum of the compounds that is extracted help to intensify the therapeutic benefits of all the ingredients.

The CBD Tincture is of the highest purity and quality. Since all Elixinol CBD oils are vegetable based, they are perfect for sublingual or vape usage.

The cinnamint flavor is perfect for people who are concerned about the taste of taking or vaping a CBD tincture. This flavor is accomplished by using organic peppermint extract and CO2 cinnamon extract.

Save 20% with Coupon Code ELIXINOL20

Elixinol CBD Hemp Balm

Extra Strength Formula
Pleasant natural aroma

25mg of Full Spectrum CBD  
Per 4oz tube

Whole-plant CBD extract
Not an isolate

Elixinol’s CBD Balm has a soothing effect and can help moisturize your skin. The CBD Balm is made with phytocannabinoid-rich oil, Andiroba Oil, Ucubba Butter, and Blue Mallee Eucalyptus.

The CBD Balm blend is completely natural with no synthetic ingredients. The balm is fast acting and penetrates deep to help with problem areas quickly.

All the included ingredients help with overall skin health, while combating the effects of dry, irritated, and aging skin. Since the product is full of terpenes, the product provides the extra boost healthy skin needs.

This topical CBD ointment does more than just protect. CBD is known to promote cellular health and regeneration that helps youthful, healthy skin.

Save 20% with Coupon Code ELIXINOL20

Hemp CBD lotion for pain

Elixinol Dosage Recommendations

Elixinol offers a variety of products for many different usages. The balm is perfect for anyone who is concerned about skin health but who doesn’t want any unnatural chemicals or compounds on their body.

CBD dosages depend entirely on the needs of each person and their ailments. It is recommended that you follow all the directions and recommendations provided with each product and on the ProHealth CBD Store website.

For certain ailments, only a small amount of CBD is needed to achieve results. For other ailments, or for more experienced users, a larger dosage might be necessary.  

20% Off Elixinol Coupon Code

Shop at ProHealth CBD Store and Save!

Coupon Code: ELIXINOL20

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