The CBD-Centric Kitchen

The CBD-Centric Kitchen

They say abs are made in the kitchen.

For those intrigued, it's probably accurate. For the rest of us, though, there's this truth: health and wellness are made in the kitchen too!

The foods we eat can make us or break us. Choose correctly, and you'll keep inflammation, oxidation, and stress to a minimum... but choose wrong, and you might find it hard to reach your 2020 wellness goals.

Today it's easier than ever to incorporate wellness-promoting CBD into your kitchen. CBD recipes are ever-improving; CBD-infused edibles are, too. Combining CBD with food is one of 2019's biggest trends for a reason: it makes staying healthy fun!

So, how to best incorporate CBD into your kitchen? There are a few ways - CBD can be cooked with, infused into oils, or simply eaten in 'edible' form.

Cooking with CBD

"Cooking is an expression that crosses boundaries."

- Renowned Chef Ranveer Brar

In other words, good cooking isn't set in stone. It can transcend culture and language barriers - in fact, in America we've come to appreciate other cultures specifically because of their wonderful food.

Zooming back into this quote's application to your cooking, though... don't be afraid to break past boundaries and try new things! Don't be afraid to revitalize old recipes, make them healthy... and infuse them with CBD.

Why not? The plant compound is amazingly versatile. Add it to breakfast foods like omelets; add it to any recipe that contains an oil component. If your CBD product of choice is high quality (or even a CBD isolate), you're unlikely to notice any difference in taste. You can have your cake and eat it too... especially if you infuse said cake with CBD.

High-temp cooking or searing may cause CBD to convert to CBN, but that's not to be feared either. It might actually be a good idea to intentionally create some CBD-heavy recipes, especially if you want to experience better sleep.

Olive Oil With a Twist

By itself, olive oil can be somewhat bland.

Add spices and herbs to it, however, and it comes to life in a way that belies any single one of its individual ingredients. Olive oil with herbs, salt and pepper? Delicious.

But pepper isn't the only edible item that's pleasantly spicy - some hemp extracts are, too. Normally that's not seen as a great thing... but in this case, we can use it to our advantage.

If you have an earthy, spicy hemp extract, here's what you do: simply add a few full droppers of it to a bottle of olive oil. If you're feeling especially ambitious, add your hemp extract's full bottle!

The result will be a hemp-infused olive oil, both delicious and easily absorbed. That's because CBD's bioavailability is increased when taken with a fatty meal. Plus all of hemp's spice-giving terpenes are naturally present!

If you have any hemp farms in your area, this option gets even more exciting. Just ask them for a few ounces of raw hemp, proceed to dry it, and voila - you'll have the perfect herbal addition to your olive oil of choice. Raw hemp is earthier and spicier than most hemp extracts are, and you get the added benefits of anxiety-fighting CBD.

The Best Edibles Around

In the not-so-distant past, the term edible conjured up images of homemade brownies and crazed THC overdoses. We're thankful to report that times have changed.

Today a wide selection of CBD-infused edibles - delicious, nutritious, and affordable - have made their way onto the market. Too busy to cook a healthy dessert? Get your hands on some CBD-infused chocolate! Too busy to think about staying stocked with snacks? Try Green Roads Relax Gummies 100 mg! It's easier than ever to ensure your system stays replenished with cannabinoids like CBD.

Even your pets can enjoy an infusion of CBD into their food. For pet-owners of the feline variety, try Holistapet cat treats... for those who have dogs, try their dog chews. Owners of both cats and dogs report that CBD helps their furry friends stay focused, healthy, and calm.

Of course, you can always just sprinkle a little CBD oil onto the normal food of your pet. But what's life without a little variety?

Thomas WronaThomas Wrona is a cannabis consultant, health + wellness advisor, and former professional athlete. He enjoys writing about all things CBD, both here and at Wrona Inc.

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