How to Make CBD Affordable

How to Make CBD Affordable

Let's face it: staying healthy on a budget can be tough.

Want to feel whole and vibrant again? If you attempt to do so by shopping at Whole Foods, it might just take up your whole paycheck (or so the saying goes). In fact, buying organic from any source can be pricey. So can buying the supplements your body needs to stay in good health.

The same concept holds true with CBD. While this particular supplement has gotten much cheaper in the last few years, in some cases it can still cost hundreds of dollars a month.

If that's been your experience, here are a few ways you can get your health back - without breaking the bank.

Opt for Isolate

Because it's so simple to manufacture and bottle, CBD isolate is sometimes cheaper than other options.

CBD Ultra® Dropper by Procana, for example, contains 1,500 mg of CBD isolate for only $69.99. That's well under the market's 10 cents/mg pricing standard. And despite its low price, the CBD ultra dropper gets just as many good reviews as other products 2 or 3 times its price.

There's one downside to CBD isolate, though: it sometimes requires a slightly higher dosage than comparable alternatives. In one study, full spectrum extracts were a full four times more effective than isolate - but this seems to apply only in extreme cases. We've found that CBD isolate isn't always strong enough for those with severe pain or autoimmune issues. But it's an ideal choice for those with anxiety or mood disorders.

Basically, when it comes to saving money with CBD isolate... your mileage may vary! Consider trying out an isolate product, journaling about it, trying a full spectrum product, and then noting any difference in how you feel. You might just be a strong-responder to both.

Make Your Own

Feeling frugal - and adventurous? If so, we've got an idea for you. Why not make your own CBD oil?

It's easier than you might think. Many companies today sell pure, unfiltered CBD isolate. It comes in a crystalline (powder) form that easily mixes into oil. A gram of this type of isolate might cost as little as $20... and that's where the price savings come in.

If you want to make a 500 milligram CBD oil, all you need is:

  • 1/2 gram CBD isolate ($10)
  • 30 mL olive oil (negligible)
  • 1 glass bottle ($3)
Good luck finding a commercial 500mg CBD product for 13 bucks! Once you obtain everything, it's as easy as measuring out the isolate, placing it into its bottle, adding olive oil and then shaking vigorously.

Making your CBD by hand also means you can make it custom. You might opt to use pro-metabolic MCT oil as its carrier, as opposed to the olive oil; you might forgo the carrier oil altogether and infuse your CBD into a favorite food!

Look for Deals

Even if you're not on a tight budget, looking for deals can be fun. Who doesn't like saving money?

Our healthy hemp oil store makes finding amazing deals easy. Just follow this link - within it you'll find deals on all sorts of hemp products. Just as exciting, we're always offering new deals... so if your product of choice isn't on the list, it will probably be there soon!

Many companies also offer great deals on larger product packages, which leads us to the next price-cutting strategy...

Buy in Bulk

It's the Costco principle: buying in bulk makes things cheaper. Thankfully, this same concept holds true for CBD.

Take a look at any brand's CBD oil line, and you'll notice just how quickly the price per unit drops off as product strength increases. A 500 mg oil might cost $60... but the 1,000mg version won't cost twice that. Far from it! Instead it'll go something like this:

  • 500mg: $60
  • 1,000mg: $99
  • 2,000mg: $150
  • 3,000mg: $200
Some brands have discounts even steeper. MedTerra's MedOil 3000mg CBD Tincture is only $129! That price equates to an almost unheard-of 4.3 cents/milligram.

The verdict is clear: if you can afford to buy large amounts of CBD up front, you'll save considerable money in the long run. If that's you, here's a link to ProHealth CBD Store's high-strength CBD oils. Happy savings!

Thomas WronaThomas Wrona is a cannabis consultant, health + wellness advisor, and former professional athlete. He enjoys writing about all things CBD, both here and at Wrona Inc.

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