Buying CBD Oil For Dogs & Cats

Buying CBD Oil For Dogs & Cats

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CBD oil for dogs has been gaining popularity lately due to its non-psychoactive properties and amazing health benefits. Cats, dogs, horses, birds and all other pets alike can benefit highly from this newly researched supplement. Recent research has revealed that your pets equilibrium greatly improves overall once they are introduced to CBD.

It's important for pet owners to know how to use this newly discovered super herb as it can help manage many different health conditions that their pet may have.

Here are some of the important areas concerning the use of CBD oil for dogs that every pet owner should read about.

What Is CBD Oil?

CBD oil is a natural occurring  compound found in the industrial hemp plant. CBD is the most abundant non-phscoactive cannabinoid found in cannabis and is being researched because it carries some really amazing health benefits.

Over the years, CBD oil has been available for people to use but now it's available for cats and dogs to use too! CBD has been used to help fight anxiety, reduce pain and inflammation, suppressing seizures, treating nausea, suppressing tumor growth, treating allergies, and helping to improve overall health and wellness.

Please note that marijuana and hemp are not the same. Both contain CBD but one also contains high amounts of THC. So what's the difference between the two? Read on...

The Difference between Hemp and Marijuana?

There are two main plant species of the cannabis genus plant that are widely used in the world today - Hemp & Marijuana.

Both plants naturally produced more then 80 different chemical compounds commonly referred to as cannabinoids. These cannabinoids are each unique and can have different effects on your body or brain. The cannabinoid content differs as hemp tends to have a lower concentration of cannabinoids and marijuana tends to have a higher concentration of cannabinoids.

Hemp (species 1) is the tall bamboo like species originally from Asia which is now cultivated around the world. The stalks are used to make paper, textiles, rope and clothing. The seeds are used to make food, cosmetics, paint & lubricants. The cannabinoid content in hemp is lower resulting in a lower THC levels (Legally the THC levels needs to be less then 0.3%). Since hemp is legal to import, ship and sell in the US, this makes it a popular source of CBD - the non psychoactive cannabinoid found in hemp. CBD (Cannabidiol) carries many health benefits but will not get you “high”.

Marijuana (species 2) is Hemp's shorter, bushier cousin. It's usually cultivated for high yielding flowers and highly concentrated resin glands. Both flower and resin glands are rich in THC - the psychoactive part of the plant that get's you "high". This is what makes marijuana such a popular candidate among the masses to smoke and ingest. THC also carries many more health benefits in comparison to CBD but by taking THC you will experience a "high".

Why Buy CBD Oil for Your Dog or Cat?

We have indicated already that CBD is important for your dog or cat because it has medicinal benefits. It can be categorized into two areas. We have the capability of CBD oil for pets to fight chronic diseases and also the ability to fight acute diseases in pets.

One chronic disease is arthritis, which is a serious condition that affects a lot of pets. We also have compromised immunity in dogs, and also a stress responses in dogs.  Other chronic conditions include aggression and the digestive issues that dogs are prone to. All these conditions can be effectively managed by regular use of CBD.

According to research, CBD has anti-inflammatory effects which can helfp with healing some chronic and acute diseases. This is achieved through the CBD ability to target the specific receptor sites in the brain and central nervous system of the dogs.

CBD is also important because it can help with pain, anxiety, neurological disorders, aggression, stimulation of appetite in dogs, heals skin inflammation, and reduce muscle spasms.

What Types of CBD Products Are Available for Pets?

CBD Pet Tinctures

CBD Pet Tinctures come in small glass bottles filled with highly concentrated CBD oil. The glass bottle will usually include a dropper which makes it easy to administer the oil. CBD oil can be dropped in food, water or directly into your pet's mouth. CBD tinctures are effective for relieving muscle pains, getting rid of nausea, reducing stress in dogs, and also more mild symptoms of the chronic diseases. This method of delivery is good for pet owners who are just getting started with the use of CBD for medical purposes.

CBD Pet Capsules

CBD Pet Capsules are yet another effective way to deliver CBD oil to your dog or cat. Capsules can either be hidden in snacks or be split open to be mixed in your pet's food or water. The CBD capsules are easily absorbed into the body after getting into the digestive system. The natural molecules in the CBD capsules help in faster absorption.

CBD Pet Treats

CBD Dog treats are a great option for dogs that have a problem taking pills or tincture drops. The dog treats are already infused in delicious treats that your dog will love so there is no need for mixing or any other additional work. Our CBD Dog Treats come in 3 yummy flavors specially formulated for your pet's specific condition. We carry CBD Dog Treats +Heart & Immune Care (Blueberry & Sweet Potato Flavor), CBD Dog Treats +Joint & Mobility Care (Pumpkin Spice & Cinnamon Flavor), & CBD Dog Treats +Stress & Anxiety Relief (Green Apple & Peanut Butter Flavor).

Our CBD Dog Treats are made using CBD and other Key Superfoods ingredients to make some of the worlds most powerful dog biscuits. Superfood ingredients including: flaxseeds,  turmeric, hemp seed powder, boswellia, L-Theanine & Chamomile to name a few.

CBD Pet Topicals

CBD Pet Topicals are used for pets who are either suffering from serious joint and body pains or skin allergies. They are applied directly to the skin of the dog and give a healing by delivering localized relief to the dog. The topical is only for external use and therefore should not be swallowed. CBD is mixed with carrier compounds that allow cannabinoids to absorb into the skin fast.

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